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Frequently Asked Questions

How will I know my Ticket RSVP was received?
We will send confirmation emails regarding the reserved tickets, and follow up with any payments afterwards
What instrumental do i need to upload with the Ticket RSVP Email?
This is to confirm your uploaded instrumental in your application. It should be the same as your application if possible.
Does the music in my submission need to be radio edited / clean?
Yes, the music submitted needs to be radio friendly. Any submission that do not follow this guideline will be automatically disqualified.
Can the music in my submission be a cover of an existing song?
No, Covers are not allowed. You will need to submit lyrics and instrumentals that are original.
Can the music in my submission contain borrowed or leased song?
No, the music must be solely owned by you. It is your responsibility to make sure your submission follows the guidelines.
Can the submitted song have a featured artist?
Yes, the original piece submitted can include a feature in the song. If selected to perform, only the submitting artist themselves will be performing on stage. The featured section will be performed by the artist themselves, or must be cut out.
Can I submit my song as a band or group?
Unfortunately, only individual artists are eligible for grants at this time.